Best Auto Darkening Welding Helmet of 2018 & Buying Guide

Welding is a risky job and it requires you to protect your face and eyes by wearing a helmet. There are many brands that have emerged with state-of-the-art helmets that can help protect yourself and others from the flying hot metal and sparks.

The latest invention on today’s market is the auto darkening helmet. This advanced gear allows you to see everything before you start welding. This is convenient and necessary for beginners or hobbyists and makes the welder more efficient.

We have prepared a list of product reviews and reliable buying information to help you choose and purchase the best auto darkening welding helmet.



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Antra AH6-260-0000 Solar Power Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

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Welding Helmet AUDEW Solar Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

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Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 Black Welding Helmet-Black

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Coocheer Solar Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet

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Buyer’s Guide

The best ADF welding helmet allows you to see what you are doing before you strike an arc, and then the lens automatically turns dark, depending on the rated response time, as you begin to weld. The better model is one with high performing features.

Which is the best design?

Unlike the traditional welding helmets that are heavier and tiresome, the newer auto darkening welding helmets are more ergonomic and user-friendly. You do not have to constantly flip the helmet each time you want to view what you are welding.

There are a number of attributes that differentiate one brand from another. The most notable design differences include the viewing area; control knobs; the number of sensors, and the materials of the various helmet fittings.

The very first quality you should consider as far as the design is concerned is the materials used. Auto darkening welding helmets engineered from heavy-duty materials are known to have a long-lasting life expectancy of up to 10 years.

Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 Black Welding Helmet-Black

Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 Black Welding Helmet-Black

Fixed or variable shade – which one is better?

You can choose your desired helmet depending on the type of shade you are willing to pay for and work with. Both designs will automatically darken when they sense an arc, but one is more convenient than the other.

The fixed shade welding helmet will darken to a fixed value the moment it senses an arc, usually #10 shades. It does effectively combine the advantages of auto darkening and economy of a fixed shade welding helmet.A fixed shade welding helmet is the right choice if you will be using a limited amperage range and the same welding process. Otherwise, you will need a helmet with variable shade lens.

Coocheer Solar Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet

Coocheer Solar Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet

 It is absolutely necessary for your helmet to have variable shade levels when handling different welding processes, such as TIG, MIG, stick or MAG.

The most recommended type between the two is the welding helmet with adjustable shade lens. The popular models have adjustable shade ranging from #9 through #13, but there are some that go as low as #5. Choose wisely depending on your welding applications.

What are the specific performance features to look for?

The best model is always the one that offers you high-performing features. The first crucial feature is the lens reaction time. This refers to how fast the lens darkens the moment an arc is detected. The quicker the better; therefore, go for a high reaction time.

The viewing area/size should be considerably large for perfect viewing of the welding process. Usually, the smallest view area is around 6 square inches and the largest is around 9 square inches. The right choice depends on your welding application.

You should confirm the number of sensors the helmet has. There are some models that have two sensors, others three or even four. You can choose a helmet with two sensors if you are handling a simple operation with a clear line of sight.

However, you ought to consider a welding helmet with four sensors, if you will be handling out-of-position welding applications. You need the sensors to pick up the arc the moment you start welding. So, the more sensors the helmet has, the more efficient the auto darkening will be.

Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 Black Welding Helmet-Black

Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 Black Welding Helmet-Black

Top 4 Best Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Reviews

1. ​Coocheer Solar Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet Review

Coocheer Solar Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet

Product Highlights

  • PP mask material
  • Animal pattern
  • 74 by 1.87 by 0.23 inch view window
  • 29 by 3.51 by 0.35 inch cartridge
  • 16 levels UV protection
  • 10 years of life expectancy
  • 2 response time arc sensor
  • 23 to 131 degrees Fahrenheit working temperature
  • -4 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit storage temperature
  • Adjustable delay and sensitivity time

The Coocheer Solar Arc Tig Mig is a highly rated arc welding helmet for the money. Coocheer have improved their productivity as well as the performance by manufacturing an outstanding helmet that will certainly surpass your expectations.

This inexpensive welding gear is engineered from high-quality materials for long-lasting performance and durability. It has a remarkable 10 year life expectancy, which is undeniably worth paying for as far as auto darkening helmets are concerned.

The design features an animal pattern, 3.74 by 1.87 by 0.23 inch view window, and 4.29 by 3.51 by 0.33 inch cartridge, 2 response time arc sensor, and UV protection. All the qualities combined make the helmet convenient for a number of electric-welding chores, including arc and gas shielded.

When your welding chores need more than a standard passive filter, the Coocheer Solar Arc Tig Mig helmet delivers superior comfort, greater protection, and minimizes the need for relentless adjustments. This allows you to dedicate more time on the task at hand.


  • check
    The helmet features a strong and durable design with exceptional working and storage temperature.
  • check
    It is a very versatile welding helmet which can be used for different arc welding activities, including Plasma arc, SMAW, TIG, MAG, and MIG.
  • check
    It is highly ergonomic and user-friendly featuring advanced optics that provide optimum optical clarity, thus minimizing eye fatigue.
  • check
    The design is made of fire retardant and strong materials, which offer a remarkable 10-year life expectancy.
  • check
    The helmet uses high-quality lithium battery and high-performance solar cells that ensure continuous operation.


  • You may face some difficulties of achieving a specific shade level when using the variable shade adjustment function.

The Coocheer Solar Arc Tig Mig auto darkening welding helmet is the ideal choice if you have a tight budget. It is one of the most versatile and well-equipped welding gear for the money.

2.​Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 Black Welding Helmet-Black Review

Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 Black Welding Helmet-Black

Product Highlights

  • 4C lens technology
  • Viewing area of 3.74 by 3.34 inches
  • The size of the cartridge is 4.5 by 5.25 inches
  • 4 arc sensors
  • 1/25,000 (Sec) lens switching speed
  • Continuous light sensitivity control
  • 5/internal grind mode shade/control
  • Magnifying cheater lens
  • 5-13 internal variable shade/control

The Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 Black is one of the best Viking 3350 Series of auto darkening welding helmets. At first glance, the quality of the design will convince you that the helmet is highly reliable and high performing.

It is one of the costly helmets, but its capability of serving you is remarkable. Lincoln experts have set their own noteworthy standards by incorporating 4C lens technology in their designs. This technology does more than just improve optical clarity; it also minimizes eye strain.

The helmet offers you a viewing area of 3.74 by 3.34 inches, and a cartridge size of 4.5 by 5.25 inches. The viewing area is large enough to offer you prime visibility of the welding job you are working on, making it resourceful and reliable.

The helmet’s variable shade/control of 5-13 internal helps to safeguard your eyes as well as achieve the appropriate view of the welding process. Generally, the 3350 pivot style design and numerous features offer optimal fit and superior comfort for the welder.


  • check
    The helmet is built from heavy-duty materials, which form a rugged design for lasting performance and durability.
  • check
    It features a pivot style structure that offers optimal fit and superior comfort when in use.
  • check
    The helmet has a larger viewing area when compared to most similar product on today’s market.
  • check
    Lincoln experts used 4C lens technology in the engineering of the helmet to provide perfect optical clarity and reduce eye strain.


  • It is costly compared to competing models on the market.

The Lincoln Electric Viking 3350 is definitely costly, but it offers the best viewing quality. You won’t miss a few hitches when using the helmet, but it is generally worth paying for.

3. ​Welding Helmet AUDEW Solar Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Review

Welding Helmet AUDEW Solar Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

Product Highlights

  • Very effective auto darkening lens
  • 62 by 1.66 inch viewing area
  • Solar cell
  • Replaceable lithium battery
  • Adjustable sensitivity (low-high)
  • Adjustable outside shade number

The Welding Helmet AUDEW is a durable and strong addition to your list of welding gears. It is the one thing that you must have when engaged in serious welding chores, such as Plasma arc, SMAW, TIG, MAG, and MIG. It is also a popular helmet in steel, architecture, petroleum, and shipbuilding.

This auto darkening helmet is specifically made for the budget conscious individuals. For an affordable price of approximately forty U.S. dollars, you get a high performing helmet that will do more than just protect your face and eyes.

The viewing area is sufficiently large, measuring 3.62 by 1.66 inches. This large area provides you with an outstanding view of the welding process. As a result, it is the appropriate choice for high demanding welding operations.

It is a versatile helmet integrated with sensitivity and outside shade number adjustments, making it convenient for most operations. It is powered by a solar cell and has a replaceable lithium battery as backup.


  • check
    The helmet design is strong, durable, and fire retardant with a large viewing area.
  • check
    It has superior auto darkening functionality that does a great job of protecting your face and eyes.
  • check
    It is incorporated with adjustable outside shade number and sensitivity for convenience during welding.
  • check
    It is highly versatile and user-friendly for grinding and welding operations in steel, architecture, petroleum, building, and ship industries.


  • The auto darkening feature may fail to stabilize in some operations.

Overall, this is an inexpensive and high-performing auto darkening welding helmet with minimal design flaws that you can possibly overlook.

4.​Antra AH6-260-0000 Solar Power Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Review

Antra AH6-260-0000 Solar Power Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

Product Highlights

  • Engineered from heavy-duty polyamide nylon
  • 86 by 1.78 inch viewing area
  • 4 premium sensors
  • Sensitivity knob adjustment
  • Shade DIN 4 light state
  • Step-less delay
  • 4/5-9/9-13 shade variable
  • 1 to 1 second dark to light
  • Shade DIN 5-9/9-13 dark state
  • Powered by solar cells with a replaceable 2X CR2032 battery

The Antra AH6-260-0000 is a well-built welding helmet that is suitable for plasma, MMA, MIG, and TIG applications. This welding helmet is integrated with solar-powered shade technology that is convenient for the abovementioned welding applications.

This welding helmet delivers exceptional performance with auto darkening technology, which helps to improve your work production as well as weld quality. Its ability to automatically adjust the shade minimizes strain caused by the welding process.

It has a very ergonomic design compared to competing models. The helmet meets the required standards, including ANSI Z87.1/EN379 CE/CSA Z94.3. The control knobs are strategically positioned for easy operation and convenience.

With a viewing area of 3.86 by 1.73 inches, solar power cell, and fast reaction time, the Antra AH6-260-0000 will provide durability, comfort and convenience in any compatible application. It is the perfect welding gear for those demanding chores.


  • check
    It is an inexpensive and high performing auto darkening welding helmet for a budget conscious user.
  • check
    The ADF of the helmet does more than just protecting your eyes and face; it provides UV/IR protection.
  • check
    The large viewing area, variable shade and sensitivity control, and fast reaction time offer you exceptional performance.
  • check
    It has fully automatic power ON/OFF and battery indicator that informs you of the battery status.


  • Some of the helmet fittings and nuts are low quality, which can easily break.

Verdict: Overall, the Antra AH6-260-0000 is a resourceful, versatile, and user-friendly product for its price. Though, it is not as durable and reliable as other high-end products.

Final Words

The best auto darkening welding helmet should not only have high performing features, but it ought to be competitively priced. It has to be perfect for your skills, especially if you are a hobbyist or part-time welder.

The list of product reviews provides you with options and information on the best ADF helmets that are capable of delivering better protection, comfort, and most importantly disregard the need for endless adjustments. This way, you will do more of quality welding and less of stalling.

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