Best Cruiser Helmets of 2018 & Buying Guide

Riding for fun at leisure speeds is not equipment intensive like with most motorsports. In fact, you can travel about for pleasure, relaxation, or sightseeing. But you still need head protection; you never know what might happen on those country or urban roads.

And there is no better protection than the best cruiser helmets. They do not offer much in terms of protection when compared to most Motorsport helmets, but they offer the required protection for the leisure rider.

There are many brands that have dedicated their expertise in the creation of cruiser helmets. So, expect to come across numerous models. The information provided herein narrows down the search to four, highly recommended helmets.



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VCAN V531 Intricate Butterfly Cruiser Half Helmet

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IV2 Reaper Chopper, Cruiser, Beanie Half Helmet

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Voss 888CF Cruiser Helmet

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Scorpion Solid EXO-C110 Cruiser Motorcycle Helmet

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Buyer’s Guide:

Cruiser helmets come in a variety of colors, graphics, and sizes and are made by a variety of manufacturers. They are primarily engineered for cruiser riding and not high-speed racing. A well-built cruiser helmet should provide you with protection, balance, and comfort.

Must Be DOT Rated

The U.S. Department of Transportation is the minimum required standard for cruiser helmets. This means that the helmets are qualified to offer you sufficient impact protection during a crash with respect to the allowed speed limits.

Check for the DOT sticker, either at the back of the helmet or somewhere inside the helmet. Be very careful not to buy a novelty helmet. A DOT certified helmet will have a strongly built shell with high-impact EPS and cushioned liner.

VCAN V531 Intricate Butterfly Cruiser Half Helmet

VCAN V531 Intricate Butterfly Cruiser Half Helmet

What is The Favored Cruiser Helmet Design?

There are at least four helmet designs on today’s market, including full face, open face, modular, and half helmet. The most popular with cruiser riders is the half helmet, which only covers the top of the head.

Half helmets are preferred for cruiser riding because they are the lightest, inexpensive, and meet the minimum standard (DOT rated). Even though the impact protection isn’t as superb as the one offered by a full face helmet, a cruiser helmet offers unmatched comfort.

What Qualities Define the Best Models?

A good looking cruiser helmet doesn’t necessarily qualify as a high performing model. There are specific design features that you must look for in order to guarantee yourself better protection and comfort during use.

Make sure that the shell is made of a heavy-duty material, such as advanced polycarbonate or fiber reinforced ABS material. Such kind of materials provide you with a lightweight, durable, and a high impact helmet shell for better impact protection.

The next important consideration is the sun visor and/or face shield. A low profile sun visor will be quite helpful in preventing direct UV light exposure and rain. Also, consider a helmet with a removable brow sun visor for convenience.

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IV2 Reaper Chopper, Cruiser, Beanie Half Helmet

IV2 Reaper Chopper, Cruiser, Beanie Half Helmet

The face shield is a must for protection against direct sunlight, elements, and wind. The most preferred shield ought to be retractable and replaceable for convenience. The face shield system should be easy to unlock/uninstall for replacement.

The interior padding and cheek pads should be antibacterial, removable, and washable for hygiene, comfort, and lasting usability. Moreover, a half cruiser helmet must have an easy-to-use chin strapping system with an adjustable double D-ring.

Top 4 Best Cruiser Helmets Reviews

1. ​IV2 Reaper Chopper, Cruiser, Beanie Half Helmet Review

IV2 Reaper Chopper, Cruiser, Beanie Half Helmet

Product Highlights

  • FMVSS No. 218 DOT Rated
  • Advanced durable shell
  • EPS impact absorption
  • A wide range sizing chart
  • State-of-the-art interior padding design​​​​
  • Stainless steel dual D-ring strap
  • Microfiber cloth helmet bag included

The IV2 Reaper is a good looking cruiser half helmet for a leisure riding. This half helmet design is available in a unique complexion and finish. The one thing that impresses the most as far as the exterior is concerned is the graphics.

The two tone color of the helmet with inferno and skeleton engravings give you a unique personality on the track, especially when hanging out with your cruising buddies. The shell is also very much capable of protecting you against UV exposure.

The shell is engineered from ABS thermoplastic composite material that is fiber reinforced for stiffness and high-impact protection. The helmet feels lightweight when you hold it in your hands, thus it is very comfortable on the head.

The EPS foam is not only high-impact absorption, but very effective in dispersing impact energy. The interior padding is thick density and very comfortable. Your head receives enough cushioning for comfort. The padding is also moisture wicking and antibacterial.

The helmet comes with a removable sun visor, which is strategically located at the brow to prevent UV light from directly hitting your face. In addition, the adjustable steel dual D-rings allow for a perfect fit of the helmet.


  • check
    This is a DOT certified helmet with reassuring protection.
  • check
    The ABS fiber reinforced shell w/ EPS offer high-impact protection.
  • check
    The interior cushioned padding is very comfortable and antibacterial.
  • check
    The steel dual D-ring along with the buttoned chin strap allow for a perfect fit.
  • check
    It comes with a removable sun visor for UV protection and convenience.


  • It is available in limited color options and graphics.

The IV2 Reaper stands out as one of the best cruiser helmets because of the unique cruising features.

2.Scorpion Solid EXO-C110 Cruiser Motorcycle Helmet Review

Scorpion Solid EXO-C110 Cruiser Motorcycle Helmet

Product Highlights

  • DOT approved cruiser helmet
  • Advanced polycarbonate shell
  • Antimicrobial fabric liner
  • It is available in matte black color
  • SpeedView retractable sun visor
  • Aero-Tuned ventilation system
  • Speaker cutouts for communication and music

The Scorpion Solid EXO-C110 is a well-built cruiser helmet for the money. This helmet comes with a brand new shell design compared to other similar products. It is made from advanced polycarbonate material, which makes the helmet very lightweight.

The helmet has a low profile peak visor at the front, a feature that ensures no direct sunlight hits your face. The visor is removable; you just have to unscrew it from the brow. You are also provided with a wide view sun shield for protection against wind, elements, and UV light.

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Unlike the previous version, the Solid EXO-C110 is incorporated with an aero-tuned ventilation system. There are two brow vents as well as two exhaust vents on the rear. The vents create a suction that draws in cool air from the front and releases moist air through the exhausts.

The continuous airflow helps to keep your head moisture-free, cool, and comfortable throughout your adventure. It goes without saying that you will get more fresh air from below the helmet, given the fact that it is a half helmet.

Another great quality offered by this cruiser helmet is the built-in sun shield, which features the SpeedView technology. What the SpeedView technology allows for quick retraction of the sun shield at a click of a button. So, you don’t need a separate pair of sunglasses.

Another thing that is worth pointing out about the shield is that it uses clear technology that makes it fog resistant and anti-scratch. The shield is also replaceable. All you have to do is press the pressure pin that holds the shield on both sides to remove.


  • check
    It is a DOT rated cruiser helmet.
  • check
    The advanced polycarbonate shell with EPS is super lightweight and high-impact.
  • check
    The SpeedView sun shield is quick to retract, fog resistant, anti-scratch, and replaceable.
  • check
    The aero-tuned ventilation gets rid of moist air to keep your head dry and cool.
  • check
    It is incorporated with speaker cutouts.


  • The helmet is available in limited color options.

The Solid EXO-C110 is one of a kind cruiser half helmet that supplies you with numerous features and superior performance.

3. ​Voss 888CF Cruiser Helmet Review

Voss 888CF Cruiser Helmet

Product Highlights

  • DOT certified cruiser/touring helmet
  • Available in two finishes – gloss carbon and matte carbon
  • Carbon fiber composite shell
  • Highly resourceful and versatile interior liner
  • Comes with a preinstalled smoke visor
  • The internal visor system allows for visor replacement

The Voss 888CF is a stylish cruiser helmet that provides the rider a unique personality. This is the kind of helmet that you can wear with pride. You can leisurely cruise the country roads in the summer with your buddies.

The Voss experts ensured that the 888CF stands out from the rest of the competing models by providing you with both gloss and matte finish. Each of the finishing has a unique texture and feel. You can settle for the matte carbon, if you do not like shiny objects.

The sleek composite shell design is reinforced with hand-woven carbon fiber, making it lightweight and high impact. The overall weight of the helmet is 1.9 pounds; so, it will not be uncomfortable to wear over long distances.

Voss supplied you with a retractable preinstalled smoke visor and you are also provided with a clear visor. The shields are UV protected, anti-scratch and anti-fog. In addition, the visor system allows for easy replacement of the shields.

The helmet features state-of-the-art interiors, which are antibacterial, moisture wicking, highly breathable, removable, and washable for lasting usability and durability. The high density padding helps you achieve a snug and comfortable fit.

The nylon woven chin straps are riveted to the shell for added strength. The entire strapping system is integrated with the fast ratchet quick release, which allows for easy removable of the helmet during a crash.

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  • check
    This Voss helmet conforms to DOT standard.
  • check
    The composite shell is reinforced with hand-woven carbon fiber, making it lightweight and high impact.
  • check
    The micro fiber liner is detachable, washable, and antibacterial for comfort and lasting usability.
  • check
    It comes with a pull down preinstalled smoke visor that is scratch resistant, anti-fog, and replaceable.
  • check
    The low profile helmet design sits deep in your head for better protection and a snug fit.


  • Limited color options available for preference.

The Voss 888CF cruiser helmet offers you a distinctive look that is rarely available with competing models. So, it is worth the price.

4.​VCAN V531 Intricate Butterfly Cruiser Half Helmet Review

VCAN V531 Intricate Butterfly Cruiser Half Helmet

Product Highlights

  • This is a DOT certified cruiser helmet
  • It features an ABS thermoplastic resin shell
  • It is designed to fit hat size
  • Weighs in at 7 pounds
  • Lush interior padding
  • Nylon chin strap w/ adjustable d-ring system
  • Removable and washable cheek pads
  • Low profile removable visor

The VCAN V531 Intricate Butterfly is another unique and well-built cruiser helmet. This masterpiece is designed for cruising with its exceptional looks. It is available in flat black and gloss black finish, each giving you a distinct texture and feeling.

Some individuals may criticize the ABS shell, claiming that it is not stiff enough. Well, the same cannot be said of this helmet’s ABS thermoplastic resin shell. The shell is considerably lightweight, high-impact, and it sits deep on your head.

You will love the low profile sun visor, which is strategically positioned on the brow for convenience. The visor is screwed to the helmet; therefore, you can remove it when you do not need its services. You can use a flat screwdriver when removing the visor.

The lush interior padding is unique in every aspect, a feature seen in most of VCAN’s creations. It is cushioned and offers a very comfortable, snug fit. The cheek pads are removable as well as washable for cleanliness, comfort, and lasting usability.

Another impressive feature that you will always admire as you put on the helmet is the nylon chin strap system with adjustable double d-ring. This system ensures that the helmet sits in the desired position, and it is quick release in the event of an accident.


  • check
    This VCAN helmet meets as well as exceeds DOT standard.
  • check
    The ABS shell is top quality and offers better protection along with the EPS.
  • check
    The lush interior padding is cushioned and comfortable.
  • check
    The removable and washable cheek pads offer comfort and long-lasting usability.
  • check
    The nylon chin strap with adjustable double D-ring is quick release and allows for a snug fit.


  • The helmet is only available in two colors/finish variations – flat black and gloss black.
  • No ventilation system.

Verdict: The VCAN V531 Intricate Butterfly offers high-quality features at a remarkably low price that you can afford. The lack of a ventilation system is compensated by the half helmet design.

Final Words

You need to be strategic when shopping for the best cruiser helmets. There are so many brands and models on today’s market, but not all of them will offer you the ultimate cruiser features. The reviewed products come highly recommended by users; so, you should consider them first.

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