Best Motocross Helmet of 2018 & Buying Guide

Motocross can be a precarious sport, and even the experts may face safety challenges. You need first-rate safety equipment to protect yourself from head injuries, and that is the best motocross helmet.

The helmet can be hot, heavy, and tiresome to wear, but it is a necessary gear for maximum impact protection. There are numerous MX helmets on the market. Therefore, choosing the most appropriate model can be tricky.

We have made the search easier for you by reviewing four high performing helmets that come highly recommended. You can choose to buy one of our top picks, or use the information to find the best model of your choosing on the market.



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IV2 High Performance, Matte Black Motocross, ATV, Dirt Bike Helmet

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Youth Off-Road Glossy Orange Sport ATV,Motocross, Dirt Bike Motorcycle Helmet

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Typhoon Helmets Adult Off-Road Motocross Helmet

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Fox Racing Race Men’s V1 Motocross Motorcycle Helmet

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Buying Guide

Is the motocross helmet DOT rated?

The minimum safety standard in the United States for a motocross helmet is Department of Transportation (DOT). It definitely does not make sense to shop for a helmet that does not meet or exceed the required safety standards.

There is usually high level of guarantee as far as impact protection is concerned when you wear a DOT approved helmet. Watch out for novelty motocross helmets with counterfeit Department of Transportation certification sticker.

You have to make sure that the helmet you are purchasing is well-built and comprises of flawless engineering and high-quality materials. This way, you will be able to avoid purchasing motocross helmets with phony stickers.

What about the chin strap?

The best performing motocross helmet should be easy to secure on your head with the available chin straps. Commonly, the straps are linked using either quick-disconnect or d-ring techniques.

The most recommended option between the two assemblies is the D-ring connection. The D-ring has proven beyond doubt how effective it is, especially during an accident. It will hold on despite the nature of the crash.

IV2 High Performance, Matte Black Motocross, ATV, Dirt Bike Helmet

IV2 High Performance, Matte Black Motocross, ATV, Dirt Bike Helmet

A perfect fit is necessary for comfort and protection

The best motocross helmet must be comfortable to wear. You should factor in the size as well as the shape of your head when shopping for a helmet. To avoid problems, make certain that the model you are buying is the best fit.

You must not feel too much pressure on your forehead, cheeks, or chin when wearing a perfect fit motocross helmet. This does not mean that it should be loose. A properly sized helmet will provide a snug and secure fit.

Make sure the helmet is resourceful and versatile

Motocross helmet brands have made big strides in providing riders with safe, highly ergonomic, and user-friendly helmets. However, resourcefulness and versatility differ from one brand to another.

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Youth Off-Road Glossy Orange Sport ATV,Motocross, Dirt Bike Motorcycle Helmet

Youth Off-Road Glossy Orange Sport ATV,Motocross, Dirt Bike Motorcycle Helmet

So, check for features that set apart your helmet of choice from the rest. Start by ensuring that the shell construction and EPS liner comprise of high-quality materials that meet the safety requirements of DOT and other voluntary standards, such as ECE or Snell.

Choose the correct size that will fit true to size. Remember to refer to the available size chart on the product page that will let you know what you are going to order. You should consider a product with a fit guarantee.

This way, you can request for a change of size if the initial one is small. Settle for a helmet with a segmented liner on the inside, which will provide you with an adaptive, customized fit regardless of your head shape.

Top 4 Best Motocross Helmet Reviews

1. ​Typhoon Helmets Adult Off-Road Motocross Helmet Review

Typhoon Helmets Adult Off-Road Motocross Helmet

Product Highlights

  • DOT certified
  • Weighs 3 pounds
  • Heavy-duty helmet shell
  • Removable and washable liner
  • Standard chin strap
  • D-ring closure & strap keeper
  • Three-point sun visor
  • Installed with proper ventilation system

This Typhoon helmet is DOT rated and one of the best motocross helmets for the money. Weighing in at 3 pounds, this is a lightweight helmet that will be very comfortable to wear over long distances when off-road or motocross racing.

The shell is made up of all the modern neck braces you can find on today’s market. The high-quality material used provides the strength required to help protect your head during an accident, making it the ideal choice regardless of where the track takes you.

The three point visor has an aerodynamic profile that ensures you do not get a lot of buffeting. The visor does a great job of preventing UV light from directly hitting your goggles. It also adds stylish looks and strength to the helmet.

It is designed to fit most contemporary goggles you will find on the market. It has a built-in roost guard to help prevent external elements from reaching your face. The helmet is swept forward towards the chin for added comfort.

It is installed with durable, removable, and washable liner, which has a material built-in that prevents the growth of bacteria and it also dries remarkably fast. This ensures that the helmet is always comfortable to wear.


  • check
    This is a DOT rated helmet that offers unrivaled impact protection.
  • check
    The helmet sits deep in your head to provide a snug and secure fit.
  • check
    The three point sun visor is aerodynamically shaped for added strength and stylish looks.
  • check
    The strap keeper and d-ring closure helps in securing the helmet.
  • check
    The blue and black coating is inscribed with modern-day graphics for a modish look.
  • check
    The removable and washable liner is antibacterial and very comfortable.


  • The helmet comes with limited color options.

This Typhoon helmet comes highly recommended for its unique design and features. It is also inexpensive and DOT rated.

2.​Youth Off-Road Glossy Orange Sport ATV,Motocross, Dirt Bike Motorcycle Helmet Review

Youth Off-Road Glossy Orange Sport ATV,Motocross, Dirt Bike Motorcycle Helmet

Product Highlights

  • It is a youth helmet
  • Glossy orange color
  • The helmet is DOT certified
  • Advanced ABS shell w/ multi-density EPS liner
  • The fully removable liner is antibacterial and washable
  • Effective ventilation system
  • High-quality and comfortable cheek and forehead padding

The Youth Off-Road is a highly recommended multisport helmet. It is one of the finest motocross helmets for the money. The glossy orange coating is engraved with adorable graphics that any youth will admire.

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The shell is engineered from ABS high-pressure thermoplastic, which is one of the high performing and DOT rated shell material. The shell is carved with jet-like angles that contribute to the general impact protection offered by the helmet.

The helmet’s glossy finish is not for decorative purposes only; it plays a big role in UV protection. There are five different glossy color variations to choose from, including glossy orange, green, red, white, and yellow. The choice is really yours.

The high-quality EPS liner inside the helmet is a multi-density design to offer maximum impact protection in the event of use. The incorporated EPS liner is also very effective in dispersing impact energy, which improves its impact protection.

The helmet is integrated with well-networked air channels that allow cool air to run through from the front of the helmet, and draw warm moisture out through the exhaust vents. The elimination of moist air will keep you comfortable and cool.


  • check
    It is a DOT rated motocross helmet; so, it comes with guaranteed impact protection.
  • check
    It is available in multiple glossy color options and graphics for your preference.
  • check
    The multi-density EPS liner is very resourceful in dispersing energy and offers maximum impact protection.
  • check
    The fully removable and washable liner is antibacterial for maximum comfort.
  • check
    The helmet is properly ventilated; a feature that ensures your head is sweat-free and cool.


  • The only thing that may be bothering is the fit, because the multi-density liner may press a little bit on your skin.

This youth motocross helmet comfort and performance are amazing, and you get it all at a very affordable price.

3. ​IV2 High Performance, Matte Black Motocross, ATV, Dirt Bike Helmet Review

IV2 High Performance, Matte Black Motocross, ATV, Dirt Bike Helmet

Product Highlights

  • The helmet is DOT certified
  • Removable sun visor
  • Stainless steel dual D-rings strap w/ button
  • Advanced thermoplastic shell design
  • EPS high-impact inner liner
  • High comfort interior padding

The IV2 Matte Black Motocross helmet is high performing and comes highly recommended. The helmet’s outer construction is based on advanced thermoplastic shell engineering, which is the main reason why it is DOT approved with failsafe impact protection.

In addition to the stainless steel dual d-ring strap and button, the helmet has a considerably narrow opening at the bottom. This allows for a very aerodynamic shape when the helmet is on, resulting into less buffeting and lifting.

The EPS high-impact inner liner of this IV2 motocross helmet is outstanding. It is very capable of protecting your head from impact forces. It does so by effectively dispersing the impact energy so as your head doesn’t feel the effects.

The sun visor is removable for convenience, but when it is on, it adds to the wind cut-through profile of the helmet. It is compatible with most goggles you will find on the market, and it will offer the best performance against the wind with high-quality goggles.

The ventilation system is quite unique on this helmet. It draws in cool air from the front and gets rid of moist air through exhaust vents that are located next to the IV2 and DOT labels on the back. This ensures that your head stays dry and cool during high speeds under the hot sun.

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  • check
    The IV2 motocross helmet is DOT rated, thus it offers the best impact protection.
  • check
    The helmet’s advanced thermoplastic engineering and EPS impact foam guarantee unmatched protection.
  • check
    The removable sun visor offers adequate UV protection and can be removed at will for convenience.
  • check
    The sleek profile, considerably narrow opening, swept-forward chin, and aerodynamic sun visor prevent buffeting and lifting.


  • It comes with limited color options.

The IV2 motocross helmet is an outstanding product for the money. You get exactly what you pay for.

4.​Fox Racing Race Men’s V1 Motocross Motorcycle Helmet Review

Fox Racing Race Men’s V1 Motocross Motorcycle Helmet

Product Highlights

  • The helmet is DOT and ECE rated
  • Injection molded polycarbonate shell construction
  • Multiple color options and graphics
  • Sleek sun visor
  • Nine intakes and four exhaust vents
  • Comfortable EPS liner

The Fox Racing V1 is a vibrant motocross helmet for the money. One of the most intriguing visual features of the V1 is the graphics. They definitely represent your commitment to the sport and they will make you want the helmet even more.

The injection molded polycarbonate shell construction with EPS high-impact liner meets as well as surpass the standards of DOT and ECE. This should reassure you how committed the helmet is at protecting you against impact forces during use.

The helmet is incorporated with an adjustable peak that you can reposition strategically depending on your preference. The peak and its graphics also contribute to the general styling of the helmet, and you can choose to keep it low or high.

The venting scheme is a little bit different on the V1 when compared to similar and competing products. It has two brow intakes to the EPS and two passive chimneys located at the top that are always on. The venture exhaust vents are located at the back.

The cool air comes in through the brow vents and channels down the back of your head. Then the exhaust vents pulls the hot air away, keeping your head sweat-free and cool.


  • check
    It is DOT and ECE rated thus better impact protection.
  • check
    The injection molded polycarbonate shell construction and EPS liner are high performing.
  • check
    The airflow system comprises of multiple intakes and exhausts for keeping your head dry and cool.
  • check
    It is fitted with an adjustable sun visor that is stylish and convenient.
  • check
    The Fox helmet profile is streamlined at the sides, ensuring that you achieve a snug and secure fit.


  • It is quite pricey compared to competing models.

Fox experts are well-known for their ingenuity, and they have clearly demonstrated how good they are through the V1 Motocross Helmet. It is a bit pricey, but worth the money.

Final Words

The best motocross helmet will offer maximum impact protection. Crashing and accidents are part and parcel of a rider’s life on the track. So, the ideal safety measure you can take is to wear a heavy-duty helmet that matches your personality.

Cross-country racing on motorcycles is a sport reserved for professionals. Therefore, it is in order if you buy a helmet that defines you. The reviewed products ought to help you choose a helmet that does not only fit snugly on your head but also represents your commitment to the sport.

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