Best Motorcycle Helmet Under $200 Reviews Of 2017: Top 8 Picks

Motorcycle riding is a passion of many young souls. The rushing motor bikes always fascinate the passerby on the road. The thrill of the speed can claim precious lives if the rider is not careful in choosing the proper safe guards for riding. The most essential of all these safe guards is the helmet. Head injuries are the most common causes of deaths among the motorcycle accidents. After the first motorcycle had appeared on the road, several deadly accidents were reported. After a lot of efforts and experiments, the early 1990s witnessed the creation of the first motorcycle helmet. The old helmets were not sturdy and reliable. The efforts did not stop, until more durable helmets with padded interiors were added to the list. Some people think the helmets are expensive. But if you search thoroughly you’ll find some best motorcycle helmet under $200.



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VCAN V531 Cruiser Solid Helmet


The 2nd

Matte Black Full Face Motorcycle Helmet


The 3rd

Fuel Helmets SH-FF0016


The 4th

Razor Full Face Youth Helmet


The 5th

Bell Qualifier Helmet


The 6th

Fuel Helmets SH-HHFL66


The 7th

VCAN V531 Cruiser Helmet


The 8th

Outlaw T68 DOT Flat Helmet


Product Reviews

1.VCAN V531 Cruiser Solid Helmet

It seems difficult to buy a helmet that is the combo of safety, Style, and comfort. VCAN has solved this problem who have created VCAN Solid Flat Black Medium Cruiser Half Helmet. Fortunately, it has all the three characteristics that a rider is looking for. It is a kind of skid lid that is crafted out of a high- quality ABS thermoplastic resin shell. The shell meets all the DOT standards that increase the reliability of the helmet. It is padded with the lush interiors. The manufacturers have introduced a dual D ring securing the nylon chin strap that can be adjusted according to the convenience and size of the rider. The other commendable additions include a removable visor. It is easy to clean and maintain too because of the washable cheek pads.


  • The user can enjoy 15 different designs and five varying sizes to match the user’s convenience, comfort, andpersonal style.
  • The sizes are bigger than a standard helmet.
  • The manufacturer has fitted the interior of the helmet with an extra hard layer along with comfortable padding.
  • There is no match to the price range.


  • For the young users and the beginners, theinner is too hard to handle.
  • The thin straps cannot secure the double D buckle mechanism properly. It is harder to secure with thin straps

VCAN is the name of reliability and satisfaction. There for it has made its position in best motorcycle helmet under your budget. Once you buy this helmet, it can be your true speed partner saving you from fatal head injuries.

2.Matte Black Helmet (Large)

Matte black full-face motorcycle helmet by IV2 is acclaimed for several reasons.  Above all the features the most prominent one is the DOT approval for the security and safety.  It is fitted with a clear and tinted visor, which can be perfectly adjusted according to the choice of the user with the help of the internally built adjustment mechanism. Unlike many heavy built helmets, IV2 has ensured excellent ventilation in both the front and the rear side of the helmet. It not just makes the helmet airy but also reduces the noise. With the outstanding aerodynamic design, the wind noise can be cut down.  Many riders sweat too much while riding. The inner lining of the helmet is made in such a way that it is absorbent and comfortable even in the extreme temperatures.

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  • The ABS composite shell is lightweight enough to be carried by the young heads too.
  • You can easily remove the cheek pads for cleaning and maintenance.
  • The matte black full-face helmet has a sweat proof inner liner.
  • The company has fitted the helmet with the durable D-Ring strap.


  • For some users, the helmet is too tight around the head.
  • The helmet is not as sturdy as required.

For those thinking about getting a cheap yet easy to wear a helmet, Matte Black Helmet is an excellent choice.  It is one of the safest options available for all levels of riders.

3.Razor Full Face Youth Helmet

The safety and security of the beginners are of utmost importance. As they have just started their riding, thus it is essential to stay safe on the seat. Razor full-face helmet is created with the same objective. It is an excellent choice available for the ages 8 to 14. The heads ranging in diameter from 21.5 to 23 inches fits well into the helmet. With 17 vents fitted all around the head stays cool and there is the least sweating. The eye port is large enough to accommodate the goggles also.


  • The MTX style fascinates the young users.
  • It is fitted with the multiple safety approval ratings.
  • Razor helmet is much slick than many youth based helmets.
  • The visor and the strap both are adjustable.


  • It does not fit the heads smaller than 21 inches.
  • The paint can be easily scratched.

It is very difficult to convince the young riders to wear the helmets while riding the bike. Razor has found the solution to this problem by introducing this reliable and trendy helmet at a reasonable price.

4.Fuel Helmets SH-FF0016

The elegant black SH-FF0016 has kicked off the list of the motorcycle helmets. It has proved its worth as unique and outstanding helmet meant for the young riders. In a reasonably affordable price, this 4.5-pound helmet measuring 10.6 by 13.8 by 10.4 inches is a treat for the young bikers. The helmet can be adjusted to the required level of comfort by adding or removing the cheek pads. The air circulation control is also in the hands of the rider because of the specially designed adjustable vents. The interior of the helmet is covered with the wick-dry microbial fabric that keeps the head cool and dry even after hours of riding in the hot weather.

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  • It does not weigh much, keeping in view the young users.
  • The dual vented diffuser keeps away the sweat and heat.
  • The helmet materials are easy to clean.
  • It is created according to the standards set by the DOT.


  • It is some times too shaky and vibrant if not fit well around the head.
  • The D rings are hard to adjust.

The easy going young riders enjoy this stylish black helmet around their head. The plus point is that is the best motorcycle helmet under your budget. Thus, besides some disadvantages, it has a repute of being reliable and user-friendly.

5.Bell Qualifier Helmet

With a promise to render the best quality and the best performance, this helmet by Bell is a marvelous integration of high-class features. The manufacturers have created this masterpiece with high precision and quality to ensure that the price and features go hand in hand with each other. The users find it innovative and extremely reliable. The unique features of the aerodynamic shell and the Clickewlease face shield system are worth mentioning.  With three different sizes and two sub-sizes under each of the main divisions is something remarkable that allows heads of various sizes to fit in comfortably and securely. High quality easy to carry polycarbonate shell makes it a real masterpiece for even the young riders.


  • The shell is durable yet easy to lift on the head due to lightweight.
  • The antimicrobial inner lining ensures complete comfort and hygiene of the user.
  • Streetview orientation is an exceptionally outstanding feature not found in other helmets.
  • The rider feels cool and relaxed due to the well-ventilated interiors.


  • The users have to buy the darker lenses separately.
  • The helmet buffets at a speed greater than 60.

The Bell helmet has proved itself as a promising element in the world of motorcycle riding. It has all that you look for in a single package. Except for not including the colored visors, there is merely any reason of dissatisfaction on the board.

6.Fuel Helmets SH-HHFL66

SH-HHFL6 makes a great addition to any rider’s guard kit due to its highly appreciated lightweight, low profile and the DOT safety verification.  No matter what is the circumference of your head, it renders the best results.  It not just fixes well around the head but also ensures proper ventilation. Although it has exceptionally reliable and user-satisfying features, still it does not cost much. The thermoplastic shell is strong enough to protect your head against any accident. The visor comes with a screw so that you can comfortably adjust the visor to protect your eyes from intense sun rays. The outer shell is protected with a UV clear paint.


  • The helmet comes with the DOT FMVSS N218 approval.
  • The shell is not very heavy to cause any inconvenience while wearing.
  • The visor is created and then fitted in such a way that it does not hinder the vision.
  • Getting it in two different styles is possible.
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  • The plastic chin strap is not very strong.
  • The style options are too narrow to choose from.

If you have never bought a helmet before, then this Fuel Helmet can help you be acquainted with wearing the helmet. The lightweight ensures perfect adjustment and ease.

7.VCAN V531 Cruiser Helmet

If you are a style lover who is always looking for something different and unique then this top-notch half helmet, met by VCAN meets your requirements. Like other products by VCAN, this helmet also guarantees complete user satisfaction by providing beauty, convenience, and safety. With a beautiful butterfly pattern on the strong ABS shell of high-quality thermoplastic resin, it fascinates the young riders. It has utilized the unmatched DOT safety standards. It comes with different size options of 23.23 to 23.62 inches that can conveniently fit the hat size.


  • The intricate butterflies graphics make it eye catching for the beginners on the bike.
  • You can remove and wash the cheek pads.
  • Adjustable double D ring secured nylon chin strap ensures a perfect fit.
  • The helmet comes at a reasonable price.


  • The helmet has a girlish look that is not appreciated by the male riders.

The intricate pattern, the stylish look, and the comfort make it renowned among the women of style. This half helmet is not as sturdy as it is required still it has all the features in the economical rates.

8.Outlaw T68 DOT Flat Helmet

Outlaw is a name of promising helmets for the riders of all ages. Among its outstanding products stands out the T68 skullcap. The elegance of the black color makes it stand out among the helmets of the similar style and features. The lightweight Polycarbonate Composite Shell is not merely comfortable to carry on the head but also ensures maximum protection. The inner of the helmet is covered with a comfortable and impact absorbent lining. It is fitted with the adjustable nylon straps that allow the helmet to fit properly and securely around the face.


  • The size of the helmet is large enough to accommodate the goggles also.
  • The black color helmet goes with all kinds of outfits.
  • The price is reasonable with a number of features.
  • The D-string keeps the nylon strap in proper position.


  • The strap size is too small.
  • The sizes are more suitable for small heads.

In a reasonable price, it offers excellent built and good quality. It is one of the best motorcycle helmets under your budget. You will experience the satisfaction over the materials and the level of protection.

Overall Conclusion

After going through the entire reviews, it is evident that if we choose any one best motorcycle helmet under $200, then by no conflict it will be the VCAN V531 Cruiser Solid Helmet. You can make other choices from the list too, but you will feel the difference if you use the VCAN V531 Cruiser Solid Helmet. This helmet has everything that you need for security, safety, style, and reliability.

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